October 22 - 23, online

Anaesthesia in exotic animals - an introductory course for veterinary practitioners


This online course will give you the basics of exotic pet anaesthesia. Day 1 will be focused on general considerations, pre- peri- and postoperative management of exotic species, tips and tricks, as well as equipment and drugs that you need to know about. Day 2 will go more into detail with the different species, yet at a basic level. 


This course is aimed at veterinarians and veterinary nurses with experience in small animal anaesthesia, who wish to broaden their knowledge towards the exotic species.

Day 1

Introduction to exotic animal species, which patients to expect

  • Small mammals - hervibore/prey species
  • Birds
  • Reptiles - amfibian
  • Fish & invertebrates
  • Important tips for pre - peri and postoperative management of exotic species


  • What do you need as a minimum and recommendations regarding equipment
  • Anaesthesia machines
  • Monitoring
  • Ventilation

Drugs for a variety of species in practice

  • Anesthesia drugs
  • Analgesia drugs 
  • Adjuvant drugs

Useful tips for single use and multiple use material

  • Sutures
  • IT tubes
  • Hemoclips
Day 2
  • Anaesthesia in rabbits
  • Anaesthesia in histrichomorph rodents
  • Anaesthesia in myomorph rodents
  • Anaesthesia in ferrets, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, pot bellied pigs
  • Anaesthesia in reptiles
  • Anaesthesia in amphibians
  • Anaesthesia in fish
  • Anaesthesia in invertebrates
  • Anaesthesia & Emergency drug tables and how to use them

Course language is English. The course is held online only. Register by following the link in the right margin. You will receive an email with a confirmation and practical information when you register. Please read our cancellation policy.

Cordelia Bracht, DVM

Cordelia graduated as a veterinarian from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, in 1998. After graduation, she practiced as a small animal vet in her own clinic and as an employee. In 2005 she started to work more and more with exotic pets and since then, her patients have mainly been rabbits, rodents, ferrets, reptiles, birds, exotic fish and invertebrates. Since 2014, Cordelia works exclusively with exotics, currently as a consultant at Evidensia Specialist Animal Hospital in Helsingborg. She has continuously been taking courses and attending conferences in exotic veterinary medicine, and in 2021 she started the Advanced Clinical Practitioner program at the University of Edinburgh, with focus on exotic and zoo animals. Cordelia is an appreciated lecturer with many years of experience in lecturing in Sweden and internationally on the topic of exotic pets.

Some words about the lecturer, from previous participants
Cordelia is great at communicating her knowledge! I have learned so much from these lectures. Awesome!
Cordelia is a fantastic lecturer who shares all her tips and tricks that you just can't get elsewhere.
"Very relevant clinical information and tips. The lecturer was simply great.
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