25-26 september 2020. linköping

Fundamentals in Ophthalmology: Part 1


Theoretical two-day course for small animal vets.

Speaking with knowledge and comfort about a subject like ophthalmology when you are a general practitioner is important, not only for yourself but for the owners who trust you and need to follow your advice. This course aims at giving you the structure you need to find that support.
This course is intended to offer a wide and generous support to you, the general practitioner, to prepare you for when you see an eye case. The course is designed to start in a step-by-step approach.

This course is part 1 of 2 - the second course will be held in April 2021 and will consist of practical sessions including eyelid surgery, entropion repair and much more. The participation in Part 1 is not required for participating in the Part 2, but it is highly recommended. Participants in the Part 1 course will also have a reduced course fee in Part 2. More information on the Part 2 course will follow.


The target group are veterinarians in small animal practice.


How to perform an ophthalmic exam and what are the limitations in General Practice

Entropions in dogs and cats – making the complex a little simpler

Common eyelid and third eyelid diseases and how to treat some of them

The cornea; - How the cornea responds to disease and understanding the rationale for corneal treatment

Corneal ulcer that needs surgery, and when to refer it so that it is not too late

Other corneal diseases you can deal with in general practice

Cataracts – Do they cause ocular health problems? Why? Should I refer cataracts? How do I explain this to an owner?

Glaucomas – Unraveling some of the mysteries around this disease and how to explain to owners the treatment and prognosis.

The retina; What retinal diseases do I need to be aware of in general practice.


Course language is English. Register by following the link in the right margin. You will receive an email with a confirmation and practical information when you register. Please read our cancellation policy (in Swedish only).


Rick F Sanchez
BSciBiol, DVM, CertVOphthal, DipECVO, FHEA

Rick obtained his education in the US and UK with a BSciBiol in 1994 (STAC, New York), a DVM in 1999 after attending Ross and Louisiana State Universities. He obtained his EU veterinary qualification in 2001 and became Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (for Veterinary Teaching) in 2014. He commenced his veterinary specialty training in the US in 1999 and completed his residency training in ophthalmology through the University of Glasgow and Eye Veterinary Clinic in the UK in 2005. He immediately joined private practice until late 2011 that he launched the Ophthalmology Service at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) of the University of London, where he also established an ECVO Ophthalmology Residency program. He returned to private practice in 2017 (Specialistische Dierenkliniek Utrecht - SDU) in the Netherlands. Rick is an Editorial Board Member of the Veterinary Ophthalmology journal since 2010, and the Ophthalmology Section Editor of BMC Veterinary Research since 2018, and has active research interest in the cornea, corneal surgery, and cataract surgery.

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